Wedding Masterpieces

What inspired this piece, and why is it special for you?

An iconic look created for Janhvi Kapoor at lsha Ambani's pre-wedding ceremony, this is as timeless and gorgeous as it gets. She dazzled in this glamorous lehenga that's intricately crafted with gold floss, metallic embellishments, and fuchsia pink dupatta which lent a vibrant touch to the overall look. This piece is a perfect melange of tradition and modernity. I love mixing elements from both worlds. 


Who do you design for a.k.a. your muse?

The Manish Malhotra muse is confident, well-traveled and unapologetically glamorous. She is in sync with the latest global trends and yet, rooted in her traditional aesthetics. For someone who uses fashion to express herself, she does not shy away from experimenting with innovative designs and styles. A Manish Malhotra woman is thus, the epitome of feminine boldness, as she is effortlessly graceful one day, and breathtakingly glamorous, the other. 


Tell us about your latest collection.

My latest couture collection, 'Zween', (translates to beautiful in Arabic) is inspired by the Middle East and its quintessential cultural nuances. The collection is young and vibrant, keeping in mind the festive vibe of the New Year. The sand dunes and deserts of Arabia inspire the earthy colour palette and various motifs embroidered on each ensemble I've used larger-than-life motifs of Pegasus, a winged stallion, a representative of ancient mythology with meticulous embroidery to create an exquisite 3-D effect. Glamorous elements such as vibrant tassels and feathers, swirls of sequins and Swarowski crystals, along with intricate floral thread-work embroidery come together to weave a sensuous tapestry of Arabian culture. The collection plays with soothing shades of lavender, flora that is native to the region, as well as tropical blue, a colour known to represent immortality and heaven in traditional spiritual beliefs. The classic anarkali silhouette, too, has been given a modern spin, pairing it with a contemporary corset bustier. An intricate play of bold textures, floral motifs, sharp innovative cuts and three-dimensional embroidery, Zween exudes elements of fun and modernity for the new age bride and groom.


What are some key bridal trends for 2019?

The Millennial and Xennial generations are vocal about their opinions on craftsmanship and designs. Neo-brides today are looking for more versatile and bespoke designs and tend to lean towards bold colors and constructive styles for a modern diversified look. They are opting for silhouettes and fabrics that strive to blend the perfect combination of old and new on their special day - thus, embracing tradition while letting their individuality shine through. To me, fashion is about confidence - feeling glamorous and yet comfortable in whatever one chooses to wear. This season, we see a renewed affinity for draped dupattas with ruffled bouffant blouses; sheer corset cholis paired with fitted lehengas that have 3-D embellishments. Capes and jackets can be worn kaftan style, tied with a belt. For western-style functions, embellished gowns with cinched waists are some of the key trends for millennial brides this season. 


Dos  for the Modern Bride:

  • Be experimental. Yes, classic is great but with newer silhouettes and fabrics a simple outfit can exude great elegance. Be playful with colours by opting exotic hues and break the monotony of reds and maroons.
  • Confidence only enhances beauty. The objective should be to wear something beautiful that lets the woman be herself. 
  • Versatility is the trend du jour. You don't have to shy away from bold choices pieces that are more versatile in nature. 
  • Wear what reflects your persona. 
  • See it as a fashion investment. You can always make use of individual pieces to make a statement.



  • A large number of Indian brides often tend to get the colour schemes of their outfits wrong. Brides can opt for classic muted shades of beige, white, ivory or maybe colors in deeper jewel tones while picking an outfit. 
  • Draping - Very often brides end up hiding a beautiful embellished halter blouse or deep-backed top with an Indian-style drape which doesn't showcase their ensemble with justice.
  • Accessories can make or break the look of an ensemble. Over-accessorizing often takes away from the beauty of the craftsmanship and makes the outfit look busy. Statement accessories can help complement the ensemble, and accentuate the overall bridal look.
  • It is essential to pick outfits that will compliment your body style. Always remember comfort is key, as the ceremonies are long and you want to feel and look your best.



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