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What are the must-know make-up trends this wedding season? 

Kohl eyes are back in trend this wedding season. The key is to keep the eye lids neutral and enhance the overall look with just smudged-out kohl, some liner and soft lips. A fresh-faced make-up approach is best for this generation of brides who are embracing their natural beauty.


There were many iconic celebrity weddings last year. What are your suggestions for brides who want to recreate Priyanka Chopra's and Anushka Sharma's wedding looks? 

Anushka had opted for a no make-up make-up look that was predominantly matte finished whereas Priyanka's was slightly dewy. While Anushka chose a nude hue for her lips, Priyanka added a pop of colour to hers with a deep ruby red shade. For brides who wish to recreate their iconic wedding looks, keep the skin looking very natural. For the eyes, avoid a heavy handed approach. Keep the eyeshadow minimal - just enough to give some dimension - use some kohl to line your eyes and do not forget to enhance your lashes. You can, of course, play with the choice of lip color to match with your outfit.


Destination weddings are big this season. Which hairstyles are best suited for such ceremonies? 

Braided buns on coloured hair look great. If you have a global colour, opt for a sleek look or a voluminous bun, depending on the shape of your face. A chignon is really a no-brainer and the best hairstyle when it comes to a traditional bridal look for the pheras. For other functions, let your outfit dictate your hairstyle choices. You -;can choose to leave your hair open or semi-tied depending on the silhouette. 


Don'ts for the Bride:

  1. It's crucial to identify your skin tone and stick to products that don' tstray too far away from that shade. This will ensure your make-up doesn't look too chalky and leave you with a natural-looking make-up which is really trending.
  2. Don't supplant your waterproof mascara for a water resistant one.
  3. Refrain from experimenting with make-up trends you know you won't be comfortable carrying. I always try to create looks for my brides which are well within their comfort zones.


  1. An everyday moisturizing routine is very essential. I suggest a basic CTM routine, at least.
  2. Hydration is key. So make you drink enough water for that coveted glow on the big day.
  3. Have a healthy diet to guarantee that your skin and hair look fabulous on your wedding day.




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