With love, From India

Each country's fashion is a storehouse of information about its people and their story. Artisan techniques, heritage craftsmanship and fashion trends never completely die: they form the foundation upon which new ideas rest and eventually coalesce. This synthesis gives rise to the next cycle - a reincarnation of sorts - which presents the excitement of the new with the best of what's come before.While relatively nascent in the global landscape, the modern Indian fashion industry has evolved rapidly. Exercising creative liberty, designers have reinvented the traditional through experimentation, giving birth to fresh silhouettes that never existed earlier. Now, no rules apply.This fashion feature highlights a handpicked selection of unique styles with a contemporary aesthetic that draw upon age-old arts & crafts. Discover intricate hand embroideries, organic dyes, sustainable fabrics, statement ethnic accessories and novel, unconstrained silhouettes.
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